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Максимум защиты чувствительной рецептуры с тубой Polyfoil®


The cosmetics industry places ever more demanding requirements on packaging: on the one hand there is the need to protect the increasingly sensitive contents and on the other hand the packaging materials must meet the aesthetic standards of the market. The development of the new AirShield™-Tube allows Neopac to fulfil all these requirements with one…

Не только для косметики: популярность panstick растет


Pansticks are for foundation, right? Wrong! With their easy twist-and-use functionality, pansticks are becoming increasingly popular for make-up, suncare, babycare and other OTC products. Besides concealer and foundation, pansticks are ideal for a host of applications, such as eye shadow, blusher, primer, SPF face care, insect repellent, insect bite relief and nappy rash ointment.

Романтика Touch


South African Company Woolworths has launched a range of hand and nail creams Touch. To select a product on the shelf, agency’s expert Todd Anderson created original illustrations.

Новая программа NATRUE по аккредитации этикеток

The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association A.I.S.B.L. (NATRUE) and the International Organic Accreditation Service (IOAS) have today launched an accreditation program that is expected to consolidate the trust in the NATRUE Label already chosen as a guarantee-seal for more than 100 brands all over the world. To date NATRUE is working with more than…