Color Cosmetic Trend Colors. Forecast Autumn | Winter 2015 | 2016

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Fire and electricity are children of the sun. Like siblings they unite many characteristics but are contemporaneously poles apart.  They love flying sparks and are brought  to life by friction.  They can drive machines and let hot-air balloons soar in the air.

With her beams  and inherent  sweltering  heat Mother  Sun can wake up fire and electricity  any time. One strike of lightning is ephemeral and elusive. It occurs within milliseconds and carries an incredible current of energy. It is able to initiate a large fire that will not die as long as it is provided with fuel. This fire can destroy  but also build  the base  for something  new.  Inseparably  linked  with them  but at the same time their joint enemy is water.

Traditionally,  the  color  of  electricity  is dominated  by masculine  blue  or  green  while  fire  and  flames have always  been represented  by deep feminine  reds. These  contradictions  are implemented  in two color concepts for the autumn and winter season of 2015/16. They combine contrast and symbiosis.

Electrifying Allure

The beauty  and softness  of an angelic  face contrasted  with the coolness and aloofness of leather and rivets electrifies sophisticated  women in autumn 2015. Referring  to the force of storms in the cold season the power of nature is shown in a more disharmonic  way – apart from golden fields and late autumnal sunny days.

Electrifying Allure shows  colors  that  apparently  challenge the limits of creativity. Dark shades of petrol green and storm blue team up with delicate baby rose and rose mallow. They combine  two different  aesthetics  – one dark  and dominant, the other soft and sweet – appealing  to those who focus on ostensible inconsistency.

Loose Eye Shadows and Sparkling Highlighter

Lip Gloss and Winter Body Milk

Nail Polish

Eternal Flames

Flames hold fascination  and power for as long as we can remember.  The fireplace  has been the natural center and social hub since primeval  times. It offered  protection  from wild animals  and did not only serve as an essential  place for food  preparation.  It offered  warmth;  security  and  light that helped prolong the day.

By  presenting  warm  reddish  and  berry  hues  that  merge with variations of muted reds and grays in Eternal Flames a romantic fireplace atmosphere is created. Snuggle up in woolen  clothes,  place  yourself  on  your  cuddle  blanket  in front of your cockle stove or fireside, and enjoy – yourself, music, a piece of cake, a piece of heaven.

Pressed Eye Shadows and Liquid Eye Shadows

Lip Gloss

Nail Polish

Warming Massage Gel

Technical Aspects

One of the most important groups of effect pigments are pearlescent pigments. They are coated with metal oxides and differentiate by their substrates. MIRAGE pigments are based on borosilicate flakes, while SYNCRYSTAL pigments have their origin in synthetic mica platelets. The coated flakes/ platelets – depending on the coating thickness – exhibit the entire spectrum of colors. Another very important group of effect colorants are metallic pigments (represented by the VISIONAIRE pigment series), consisting of aluminum, bronze and copper, which offer unique metallic shine and enhanced coverage. Aluminum pigments in particular, can greatly increase the color palette if combined with organic absorption pigments and/ or pearlescent pigments.

For a better understanding of the diverse design capabilities, a common consideration of particle size and color is enlightening. When using pearlescent pigments, silky and satiny effects can be achieved by using particles smaller than 25 µm. In contrast, particles up to 150 µm will attain a brilliant and sparkling effect. Similar rules apply for metallic pigments, where the achievable effects range from very brilliant and bright when using particles smaller than 50 µm to very sparkling and glittery when using particle sizes up to 95 µm.


Product Group

Short Characteristics

SYNAFIL These fillers can positively contribute to product properties like skin feel, texture and pay-off. They can be used in color cosmetic and personal care applications.
S-type: The cosmetic fillers of this range are based on synthetic fluorphlogopite (mica). They provide perfect optical appearance and improve the adhesion of make-up. Furthermore, they point with light reflecting properties, outstanding color purity and low heavy metal content.
W-type: The cosmetic filler is based on polypropylene wax and can be used to mattify formulations or add a velvet-like skin feel. In combination with effect pigments it tremendously increases the sparkle they provide.

These effect pigments are based on metal oxide coated synthetic fluorphlogopite (mica). They offer superior skin feel, high purity and outstanding chroma. Depending on the particle size chosen one can achieve a velvety matte appearance, smooth silky and satiny or elegantly shimmering effects in color
cosmetic and personal care applications.


These effect pigments are based on metal oxide coated borosilicate. They stand out by high transparency, high gloss, unique color purity and therefore extraordinary sparkle. Using these pigments results in very attractive and glamorous looks. MIRAGE is perfectly suitable for color cosmetic and personal
care applications.


These effect pigments are based on metals and their alloys and provide unique metallic luster, dramatic reflection and excellent coverage. They are recommended for anhydrous systems and the perfect fit for color cosmetic


This group describes metallic pigment preparations for nail polishes. Used solely or in combination with the above mentioned effect pigment groups, impressive
metallic highlights are achieved.


This group describes aluminum pigment dispersions for nail polishes. They are manufactured in the PVD (physical vapor deposition) process that leads to very thin platelets with a unique surface structure allowing mirror- and even rainbow- like effects on the nail.

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