Aptar Introduces the Runway Aerosol Trigger for Dual Control

Runway is the new dual aerosol trigger accessory for personal care and home care applications. Runway offers consumers a choice of spray action, allowing the user to actuate vertically or via the trigger for maximum ease of use.

The standard vertical actuation is suited for short, precise applications whereas using the integrated trigger is the most convenient choice for longer use. Consumer studies prove that Runway is easy, comfortable and a preferred solution over other existing triggers. Runway provides improved dispensing control with its dual spray actuationfeature and combining Runway with Aptar`s™ Bag-On-Valve technology allows 360° actuation. Runway fits on the industry standard one inch mounting cup.

The need for superior dispensing control and convenience is very evident and with Runway, we can see multiple benefits across many product applications.

In sun care, consumers seek solutions that increase control and allow them to easily spray all areas of the body. Also, parents will be grateful for the dual actuation convenience as it helps them to quickly and effectively protect their children.

Application of body lotion is time-consuming and part of the reason why consumers may not use body lotions every day. But with Runway, consumers have a new experience as well as convenience, with the ability to reach all areas of the body in a very effective way.

For red carpet hair styles, consumers can apply the product to sections of hair using the traditional button in short bursts to achieve layers of shape. After styling is complete, the consumer can switch to the trigger to finish the entire design for final hold. The distinctive and directional Runway design helps consumers use their products with more direct and targeted applications.

The trend towards multi-purpose cleaners demonstrates clearly how consumers want their cleaning routine to be faster and easier without sacrificing cleanliness. Imagine you are in your bathroom with one can of multi-purpose cleaner. You can actuate Runway as a traditional button for short bursts to spray cleaner on the mirror, and easily switch to the trigger and to clean larger areas such as the sink and surrounding counter area in one easy and comfortable move.

Runway can be locked securely using Aptar`s proven integrated twist-to-lock technology. The lockable system, with non-removable pieces, provides value-added portability for marketer distribution and consumer transport while the bold and distinctive look guarantees shelf appeal as the two-color

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