Elizabeth Arden uses the Polyfoil® Evolux Airless Tube

PREVAGE® City Smart, on the market since June 2016, is the first skin protection shield of its kind. It safeguards skin from pollution and UV rays and improves resistance thanks to the DNA Enzyme Complex™. The sheer, hydrating, invisible protection helps skin look younger, longer.

For PREVAGE® City Smart, Elizabeth Arden uses the luxurious Polyfoil® Evolux Airless-Tube. It offers massive advantages for PREVAGE® City Smart: excellent product protection for the sensitive formula, precise dosage, easy action of the pump, 360° application and no danger of the product coming into contact with the metal spring. The yellow, ergonomically-shaped actuator provides easy and precise application and fits perfectly in with the PREVAGE® product line. The shiny silver collar and cap emphasize the luxurious design of this exceptional packaging.

Advantages of Polyfoil® Evolux Airless:
• Ideal for substances with few preservatives
• Strong barrier for sensitive products
• Easy-action pump
• A variety of finishing options for the pump
• Precise and even dosing
• Easy and clean application

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