Аукцион по продаже парфюмерной фабрики и тендерные продажи крупных парфюмерных фондов вкл. флаконы

Auction of perfume filling/packaging machines and tender of large perfume stock
by order of the Tax Authorities and the trustee,
as a result of the bankruptcy of
Onyx Productions B.V. C.S. (NL)
Auction: Perfume Factory
Tender: Stock Perfume Factory
Auction Calendar
Closing auction: Wednesday 27 May from 10.00 hrs
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Closing tender: Tuesday 12 May from 10.00 hrs
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4 FLASK FILLING LINES: 1x «Weiss» consisting of 8-head filling station,
flask rail transport system, 4-head vaporizer/crimping station, cutting station, vibration
feeder and 3 lines (2012), consisting of amongst others tanks, vaporizer/crimping
stations «Coster», press units and working tables; 4 filling stations (4-heads);
vaporizer-cutting station «Kom» KKT2V (2012); 4 pad printing machines «Morlock»
MTE-Quick 1.0 (2008), 3x MDX 125L (2012); injection moulding machine
«Battenfeld» BA500CDK;

PACKAGING MACHINES incl. 3 labelling machines «Altech» Alline E
and Alstep (2012); 3 cartoning machines «CAM» AV and AV23 (incl. 2012);
3 autom. foil wrappers «CAM» NRP (incl. 2012); 3 pallet wrappers incl. 2x «Matco»
A900 (2012-2011) and «Soco»; shrink wrapper «Italdibipack» 4255ST (2011);
forklift and reach trucks incl. «Cat» (2012); pallet lifters, pallet racks, etc.;

TENDER OF LARGE STOCK: (semi)finished (miniature/glass) bottles,
(un)filled perfume bottles, perfumes, fragrances in barrels, gift sets, displays,
make-up trays and oil drums of brands incl. «Black Onyx», «Indigo Cosmetics»,
«Forbidden Love», «Explosion» and «Fundamentals»; packaging material
incl. carton boxes, foil, printed perfume boxes, caps, vaporizers, collars, etc.;

Auction: Tuesday 26 May from 10.00 till 16.00 hrs
Tender Sale: Monday 11 May by appointment
on site Tunnelweg 104 — 6468 EK Kerkrade (The Netherlands)
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